Study Visit .Improving Training of Teachers and Trainers in CLIL

Institution , Schools and Speakers that will participate in the study visit.

1.In service training teacher center of Tomelloso.More info

We are a in service teacher training center situated in Tomelloso, We give trainnig to primary and secondary teachers in all subjects.We are a regional  In –Service Training Center settled  in a developed urban area with an increasing population .In our Center we offer courses for in –service teachers and we advise schools about innovative projects like reading programmes , European p,enterprising programmes , Comenius programmes ( we have 9 Comenius programmes in our area, and one ERasmus  AND ONE GRUNDTVIG ) and we have been involved in organizing Arion Visits and in   a Grundttvig  project during 6 years and at the moment we have 8 center working in bilingual education  ( spanish, english, italian and french)so we have around 12 language assistants from diferents countries ( Uk,France,Bulgaria,USA,Canada,Italy,Greece,Romania..) working in our schools every year.

We are a in service teacher training center situated in Tomelloso .Our area is involved in quite a lot of different educational projects and European projects.

2.Regional Educational Institution and a special speech by D.Luis Miguel Miñarro Regional Head of Plurilinguism.

3.Primary school ( Cp Felix Grande y CP Gerardo Martínez)) Secondary School (Ies Airén,Ies Francisco García Pavón,Ies Eladio Cabañero) speech and workshop with head, clil coordinators ,teachers and language assistants.


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